License to kill for SWAT marijuana eradicators



A Southern Oregon SWAT squad gunned down a Mexican national tending a marijuana garden by shooting him in the back. It took the grand jury an entire 5 minutes to determine that the killing was “fully justified and in compliance with Oregon law.”

The local newspaper version of events is available here. Caution, the “reporter” seems to function much like a stenographer for the Jackson County Sheriff’s PR department, even calling the incident a “pot shooting.” Actually, no pot was shot; the deputies shot and killed a human being.

The grand jury’s knee jerk decision makes a mockery of the 2nd amendment. What good is the right to bear arms when carrying a firearm makes one fair game for death by shooting in the back by police paramilitaries?

The SWAT squad, with its hair-trigger training, brought violence and death to a non-violent agricultural operation. The sheriff warns direly that the woods are unsafe because of marijuana grows, but actually no one has ever been shot by a grower. Militarized, weapons-crazed SWAT squads are the real danger, especially when they are rubber stamped by the grand jury with a license to kill.

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