Reverse Christmas present from Obama and Senate

President Obama and the US Senate have given the American people a reverse Christmas present with the confirmation of Michele Leonhart as DEA administrator.  For such an dishonest person to gain such an exalted role atop a fundamentally flawed organization says terrible things about American governance. The federal government should be defunding and dismantling this anti-American agency, not appointing apparatchiks to head it in the exactly wrong direction.

The pick by Barack Obama of Leonhart was a total refutation of the president’s campaign slogan, “Change you can believe in.” Instead, Obama picked George W. Bush’s choice for DEA administrator. Doing so, Obama stabbed in the back millions of reformers who had hoped for changes to America’s cruel and counter-productive drug war. When renominated by Obama, Leonhart’s offenses were many, including refusal to allow research on medical marijuana and in general playing a completely obfuscatory role in accommodating the changes made by voters in 15 states with medical cannabis laws.

Thanks, Obama, for nothing. You will never get my vote again.

Reformers proposed some real questions for her Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings. Instead, senators supposedly “examining” her credentials threw her only pathetic softball questions. Not once was confronted for her obstructive, pedantic mismanagement of the agency, nor the tragic 40 years of draconian  Schedule I for marijuana so coveted by DEA thugs. Instead, the likes of Jeff Sessions began his “questioning” with the adoration, “I love the DEA.”  He followed by setting up for her opportunity to demonize cannabis.  Not one senator challenged this tripe.

Thanks Senate Judiciary Committee, for nothing. E, tu Al Franken?

Finally, the full Senate unanimously supported and passed her nomination today. This horrendously compromised administrator will now be in position to decide on yet another petition to reschedule cannabis, eight years in the works and  one of the defining issues to the time, critical to both criminal justice and health policy.  Guess what her response will be? The 40 years false scheduling and demonization of cannabis will continue well into the 21st century.

Look for dangerous and devious attacks on the rights of medical cannabis users over the next decade by this pathetic excuse for an American, now in a position of immense power, ready and able to forward the DEA’s “harm enhancement” strategy.

Thanks US Senate, for nothing. I love my country but detest my government.

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