Drunken United Nations demands continued worldwide cannabis prohibition.

Some ironies are just too compelling. On the same day that the United Nations demands that the USA overturn votes to legalize cannabis in US states, the same international diplomats are revealed to be too drunk to work. The ossified International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) president Raymond Yans attacked not only Washington and Colorado state votes for legalization for personal use, he also damned the 18 states that allow medical exemptions.

At nearly the same time, as reported at CBS News, “Ambassador Joseph M. Torsella, who represents the U.S. on the U.N.’s budget committee, said Monday that the tense process of negotiating the world body’s annual budget is made more complicated by the number of diplomats who turn up drunk.” This does not necessarily imply drunkenness at the INCB, but does show the arrogance of an organization that denies the entire planet the medical benefits of cannabis sativa while behaving like drunken louts.

INCB president cloaks his charges in the most Orwellian double speak imaginable. “They also undermine the humanitarian aims of the drug control system and are a threat to public health and wellbeing,” said Yans. He claimed that so-called “medicinal use” initiatives were little more than “a back-door to legalisation for recreational use”. Like a good drug war bureaucrat, he apparently does not see his “humanitarian aims,” in the misery of tens of millions of career killing, family-smashing arrests, the planet’s largest incarceration gulag, and a trillion dollars wasted.  His disdain for the now thoroughly proven medical benefits of cannabis disclose his total ignorance.

Sitting in Vienna, this UN bureaucrat seeks to disallow the freedom of medical cannabis consumer in US states to access their chosen medication,  the will of US voters be damned.

With this anti-cannabis stance, the United Nation is morphing into an evil organization. The denial to the world of the medical and prosperity benefits of cannabis sativa is a crime against human rights.  And the humans rights abuses go beyond incarceration and family breaking. Every years people are executed, to the silence of the UN, for “crimes” concerning this beneficial plant. Please see, UN Anti-Drug Day Soon: Get your execution pay-per-view now!  The worldwide arrests, incarcerations, forfeitures and even executions of the last 50 years are evils like the Inquisition and will be viewed at such by future generations.

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