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Ananda, the Sanskrit word for bliss, was used in 1992 to name a substance newly discovered, yet ancient. Anandamide was the name given to this natural chemical compound, a cannabinoid, when it was first discovered being created in the human body. The name is apt. Since its discovery, ever-quickening research is finding that this bliss factor anandamide does indeed provide many remarkably beneficial properties. Cannabinoids activate their natural receptors, discovered just two years earlier, populating the human brain, spine, eyes, bowels, lungs, and nearly every part of the body, of your body.

The breakthrough discovery of this cannabinoid receptor system and its astonishing functions is rewriting major parts of human physiology. This crucial system includes unique mechanisms for neural communications, anti-inflammation and pain control. Cannabinoids offer a whole host of valuable physiological properties including newly discovered preventative and curative effects for many commonly afflicting symptoms and diseases. Expanding knowledge of the cannabinoid receptor system will become a cornerstone of medical and health advances throughout the rest of this 21st century.

Yet public awareness of these profoundly important health findings is practically nil. Tens of millions of Americans truly need to know about the bliss cannabinoid and its health enhancing properties. They need to know they may find real help with pain, cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma and a dozen other devastating maladies. This website and blog seeks to translate these new findings, some only a few months old, from polysyllabic biochemistry to useful personal information.

Written by a glaucoma victim whose sight was preserved by cannabinoids, this addresses especially those suffering millions with conditions for which cannabinoids can provide merciful prevention and powerful treatment. The blog, of course, does not dispense medical information, but it does acquaint casualties of pain, inflammation and a score of diseases to the hopeful findings of new cannabinoid research from around the world.

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