Pawlenty plenty pathetic: His medical marijuana veto is big government at its worst.

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, Republican, just vetoed a bill that would have allowed dying Minnesotans to relieve their pain and nausea with medical cannabis. The medical opinions informing the Governor came from mainly from law enforcement.

  • Pawlenty found it necessary to veto this bill even though it was restrictive to only the dying. He would not have to worry that Minnesotans who needed cannabis to prevent blindness from glaucoma, for example, would get access to the plant substance. As they are not dying, only going blind, they would not be eligible even in the bill Pawlenty vetoed.
  • Luckily now with the veto, those battling cancer with chemotherapy will not be allowed to recklessly relieve their nausea and pain with cannabis. Such allowance of personal medical freedom by state government, according to Pawlenty and his law enforcement advisers, could cause a wave “expanded drug use” in the state.

As Governor Tim Pawlenty is a conservative Republican, this must be an example of compassionate conservatism?  The Governor assures us he is , “very sympathetic to those dealing with end-of-life illnesses and accompanying pain.”

  • Gee, Tim in what way are you being sympathetic? With the stroke of your pen, you deny dying Minnesotans medical treatment they, and their doctors so choose? Is this supposed to be Republican “small government” dogma or is it big government run amok, 1984 style, with the police and bureaucrats deciding the most personal medical choices, even at the end of our lives?

Perhaps the Governor should visit a dying Minnesotan to whom he is denying their personal right to choose their own medical treatment, if that includes cannabis. He could explain to them how their unrelieved pain and nausea is their contribution to keeping Minnesota safe from this new wave of drug abuse among those near death. The governor could expound his Republican philosophy of small goverment, perhaps providing some solace to the dying.

4 thoughts on “Pawlenty plenty pathetic: His medical marijuana veto is big government at its worst.

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  2. Can anyone point to any positive outcome in the war on weed? Has it ever prevented anyone from obtaining it or using it? We all know that it costs this country billions of dollars that need to be borrowed from the communist Chinese government. The only real conservatives are Libertarians. Pawlenty is a typical big spending Republican, no different from a big spending Democrat like Bill Clinton.

  3. It is important that other forms of neuro-placators are looked at and not to focus on only one type. Sufferers who are told that they have only one option will lose hope and give up when this kind of law is enforced.

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