LA crime rate plummets as medical marijuana booms!

Due to a glitch in an attempted moratorium on medical cannabis dispensaries in Los Angeles, the number these legal marijuana outlets recently flourished into hundreds. In parts of LA, such storefronts may indeed be more numerous than Starbucks. Confounding medical marijuana’s detractors, the LA crime rate during this same time dropped like a rock.

The LA Times report, “L.A.’s medical pot dispensary moratorium led to a boom instead.” is datelined June 3 2009. An exemption in a moratorium instead allowed hundreds of cannabis clinics to pop up in LA. The density is highest here, but across the state dispensaries flourish. The booming cannabis industry is growing as most other sectors of the California economy are swooning. Arguably, the medical marijuana industry is the single most vigorous new economic engine in the state.

  • New business storefronts are opening up when the general trend has seen stores being boarded up.
  • A major crop can arise from hiding to take its rightful place in California agriculture. Already the economies of several counties in the state’s north are powered by cannabis cultivation.
  • New careers are being forged in the 21st century education provided by institutions such as Oaksterdam University in Oakland (and now LA). Classes in medicinal cannabis educate students in the pain relief, anti-inflammation, anti-glaucoma, anti-nausea and other health properties of the cannabinoids in the plant substance.
  • Sales taxes are being generated that help financially prop up the not-so Golden State. For every one hundred dollars of medical cannabis sales, the state gets over 8 dollars for its empty coffers.

The benefits of medical cannabis are ubiquitous. Most people have conditions, including pain, at some point in their lives when they could benefit from treatment with, or including, the medical herb. The California law passed by Proposition 215 was wisely worded to legalize any prescribed use of cannabis. Tens of millions of Californians, then, either have or will sometime have health conditions from which they could benefit from legal medical cannabis. With so many people finding relief from pain and other maladies coming from a substance previously and cruelly banned from them, it is little wonder a new industry is thriving in California.

The drug warrior bureaucracy including DEA, prosecutors, SWAT squads, prison guards and urine testers have long warned that legalization of marijuana would result in a wave of crime. Well, marijuana has become de facto legalized in California, especially LA. At the same time LA street crime has dropped precipitously.

Just a week before the proliferating dispensaries article cited above, the LA Times’ Gregory Rodriquez reported:

Not exactly the Armageddon predicted by the drug war bureaucrats. This privileged class thrives on the taxpayer-funded war on marijuana. Their lavish benefits and pensions all ultimately derive from the caging of their countrymen and women.  A major budget problem for California stems from the quintupling of its prisoner population during the drug war of the the last 40 years, in good part in the behest of the state’s prison guard’s politically powerful union. This vast investment in negative social capital has grown far faster than funding for the positive social capital investment, education. And now, California is paying the price. The apparent inverse relationship between cannabis dispensary proliferation and crime belies the claims of those benefiting from the war on drugs.

With any notion of crime increase as cannabis is decriminalized has been debunks. There can be no reason not to end the tragic war on cannabis now!

20 thoughts on “LA crime rate plummets as medical marijuana booms!

  1. Not just marijuana but all drugs when did the state become our guardians last I checked I was in charge of my own body and well being they know that with medical marijuana the big corporate whores at all the pharmaceutical companies are going to take a hit in the pocketbook and if you know anything you know that this government does not give a damn about its people but the companies that we all slave for.

  2. its okay.
    you still give thanks to lord jesus, allah, yehuhha, the dao and god for this wonderful product of our mother earth.
    it makes me want to worship gods work in mother nature. the trick is to worship only the godhead and not her/his handiwork.
    thank god, baruch hashem, uhl ham duh lillah for everything.

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  4. legalize medical marijuana, Doctors and nurses have seen that for many patients, cannabis is more useful, less toxic, and less expensive than the conventional medicines prescribed for diverse syndromes and symptoms, including multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, migraine headaches, severe nausea and vomiting, convulsive disorders, the AIDS wasting syndrome, chronic pain, and many others.”

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  8. I reckon hash should be made allowed for medical use. There is no debate why it should not be. This is an different treatement for frail patients who really need something to help them cope or prevail a weighty affliction. It is time to give humankind their rights back, why should they take dangerous prescription drugs for ? Those prescription drugs can kill people while maryjane cannot . So why is one that you cannot die from ilallowable while the ones that you can die from legal ?

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  11. Mijn tante wees mij dat ik een keer op deze blog moest moeten kijken. Het is precies waar ik naar opzoek was. Dit artikel maakte mijn dag helemaal! U kan zich amper inbeelden hoe vaak ik dit geschreven onderwerp heb trachten te achterhalen. Bedankt voor alles!

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