It was 42 years ago today, Sargent Pepper taught the world a better way.

It was 42 years ago today, Sargent Pepper taught the world a better way. More specifically, The Beatles took out in a full-page advertisement in The Times of London protesting the harsh laws against marijuana in Britain.

Along with 65 luminaries, they pointed out that “The law against marijuana is immoral in principle and unworkable in practice.” The goals of the ad are still valid, and sadly unmet, 42 years later:

  • The legalization of marijuana possession
  • Release of all prisoners on marijuana possession charges
  • Government research into medical uses

Here in the USA during those four decades, 20 million Americans have had their lives mugged by their government in the form of arrests for marijuana possession. Each of these arrests caused enormous harm to the lives, families and futures of those arrested.  In this harm maximization strategy, the only beneficiaries were the police, prosecutors, piss testers and jailers who built their careers and pensions upon legal misfortunes of their countrymen.

Too bad Britain and the USA did not listen to the Beatles. Instead, Americans went about persecuting  cannabis and prosecuting those who preferred it.  As the NORML chart below shows, things are worse than ever and 100 Americans each hour are shoved into the meat grinder that is America’s war on marijuana.US Marijuana Arrests

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