Marijuana is SAFER – Important new book.

Drug policy reformers and others interested in personal freedom are encouraged to order today from a copy of the important new book, Marijuana is SAFER: So why are we driving people to drink? I just ordered 2 more copies for local libraries.

The SAFER concept is incredibly powerful for drug policy reform, showing how marijuana is far safer for personal health and public safety than the national drug of alcohol. The low lethal dose of alcohol, which results in many binge drinking deaths, is contrasted with lack of any lethal dose of cannabis. The horrific violence toll of alcohol is painted in contrast to the lack of violence by those choosing marijuana.

These and many other differences that make cannabis a far safer recreational choice provide the basis for an aggressive, pro-active approach to cannabis law reform. The authors, Steve Fox, Paul Armentano and Mason Tvert summarize on page 127:

  • in sum, the fact that alcohol causes so many problems in our society is not a reason to keep pot illegal; rather, it is the reason we must make it legal. Unless our opponents are going to argue for a return to alcohol prohibition, they will be forced to explain why they wish to compel adults to use the more harmful recreational intoxicant.

Today, August 20, a “book bomb” is underway to raise the sales ranking at Amazon. Order a copy for yourself and one for your local library today!

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