New York Times recycles Bush drug czar cannabis lies.

Supposedly one of America’s great newspapers, The New York Times fails its readers on a key issue of individual liberty and personal health.

This NY Times lapse occurs on-line at “Times Topics,” linked here.  Although Times articles linked at the this page are not terribly skewed in favor of continued prohibition of cannabis, the great error lies in the section below, the –

2 thoughts on “New York Times recycles Bush drug czar cannabis lies.

  1. It has been a constant source of distress to myself and my family to have to continue to suffer from debilitating pain, nausea, PTSD, and a dissected thoraco-abdominal aortic aneurysm when one substance can relieve and treat each of these conditions and ailments. When I was younger, I smoked cannabis; I use the word cannabis as marijuana was a slang word used by the mexican population who was used as a scapegoat to help push through the beginnings of the war on the cannabis sativa plant. Never, in all of my childhood exploits did cannabis cause any of the misguided behaviors that we exhibited while drinking alcohol. In fact, cannabis had a way of causing us to actually “behave” ourselves. While under the influence of alcohol, our inhibitions were greatly lessened and all restraint went out the window, so to speak. In stark contrast, we were very calm and more in tune to our behaviors while under the influence of cannabis.In stead of recklessly driving throughout our neighborhoods and raising hell, as it were, we were usually found playing guitar or watching movies. Yes, we drove. But when we did, we were too, some say paranoid, to drive dangerously. I contend we were just more aware of what we were doing and being careful not to drive dangerously. While this may seem a stretch to many who have not tried cannabis, it can be proven by several studies done in the U.K. on driving while under the influence of cannabinoids.
    As an adult, I began smoking cannabis after sustaining severe wounds. I was shot in the abdomen; loosing half of my stomach, my duodenum, gall bladder, appendix, a good deal of intestine, one of my kidneys, my spleen, the “head” of my pancreas, sustained damage to my liver and major vascular structures to said liver, and as a consequence to this damage, sustained a dissected thoraco-abdominal aortic aneurysm. I suffer each day with chronic nausea, chronic pain, severe anxiety disorder; which is very bad for my blood pressure and my aorta, and an overall sense of hopelessness.I was introduced to cannabis as a medicine by a lady suffering from cancer while in the Netherlands.I had taken a vacation to the Netherlands because I was literally falling apart and felt my life may have been coming to an end. After smoking just a small amount of cannabis, each and every one of these symptoms was diminished greatly or taken away completely. I could not believe it. In my carry on bag, I had seven different prescriptions to treat these symptoms. Many of these medicines, while used to treat my symptoms, themselves caused more problems needing treatment by more prescriptions. Cannabis made it possible to spend my vacation without the need for any of these medications. I did have to continue taking a little of my opioid pain medication as physical addiction and withdrawal is a severe symptom of opioid use. It was a unbelievable miracle. I remember sitting across from a police station called Hill Street Blues while smoking cannabis in a licensed coffee shop that sold cannabis. It was surreal. I did not have to worry about arrest. I could freely carry the unused portion of cannabis and some purchased for use back at my hotel without fear of criminal penalties. I spent my vacation free from pain, nausea, and anxiety. I was a different person in those two weeks. I could wake up in the morning and smoke a small amount of cannabis and then go about my day with no symptoms at all.
    Unfortunately, I had to return to the United States where I knew it would be illegal for me to use cannabis. I was heart broken. For years I had depended on the toxic medications that barely took the edge off of my symptoms. Now that I had found a miracle medicine that could give me back a normal life, I was faced with returning to a country that does not allow it. I was very depressed. I was also faced with a hard decision. Once I returned home, do I continue to use cannabis to have a symptom free life. Or, do I obey the law and continue to suffer, needlessly.
    Millions of people face this very same question each and every day. I contend, this is a crime in itself. Why, when a benign substance such as cannabis can alleviate so much suffering would a country not allow its people to use it. This question goes much deeper than this. Why is cannabis even illegal at all.
    Cannabis is illegal because of hemp. Hemp, or the mostly non psychoactive form of cannabis sativa, was a miracle plant in early American history. Our very constitution is written o hemp paper. The problem was, it was too cheap and the continued use of it would put a dent in the wallets of some very influential people in our government. A private meeting was called and cannabis was soon made illegal.We will leave this to the history lessons we should all know. However, this was the basis the drug war, namely on cannabis began…money.
    It sickens me that our government, knowing the truth about cannabis and its miraculous medicinal value, would continue this ridiculous crusade against it. Even if cannabis had the same addictive qualities as morphine or the toxicity of the millions of medications accepted by our nation, its value would far outweigh its harm. The really ridiculous fact is that cannabis, and this has been proven by scientific study, is the least harmful substance of its kind. In fact, there are no potentially or immediate harmful side effects of using cannabis; unless you call increased appetite, tendency to smile a lot, and relief of suffering as harmful side effects. So, why is cannabis still illegal.
    For many, it is the propaganda of the past or just not understanding the plant itself. I can not accurately explain the effects other than to say it is very relaxing, stress relieving, sense enhancing, and wonderful. What is so bad about that. How many people drink alcohol to relax and unwind. We do not need to go over the dangers of alcohol, yet it is legal. Cigarettes are also legal. Morphine is legal. Yet, cannabis is not. This is extremely hypocritical.
    Enough is enough. I am tired of suffering when a plant can relieve all of it. So, why can I not use it. Why should I be considered a criminal if I do. Because of my job and my children, I can not use cannabis. I will not risk putting them through my possible arrest,trial, and the resulting aftermath. For now, my only hope is yo move; which is very hard to do. Or, to pray our leaders will stop the lies and just simple reschedule cannabis to allow my doctors to prescribe it to me. I should be allowed to plant a simple seed and reap a harvest of a beter life free from pain and suffering.

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