No, Joe Biden, we don’t “know we needed tough laws.”

Vice-President Joe Biden loomed large, too large, at the recent swearing in of Obama Drug Czar, Gil Kerlikowske. Joe Biden’s long and shameful drug war mongering career was built on shattered lives of drug war victims, many still languishing in prison because of the harsh policies he pushed. Biden has gleefully ignored the US Constitution, even the Magna Carta, as a cheerleader for asset forfeiture, bodily fluids testing, mandatory minimums and other Orwellian coercions. Biden chose the ceremony to brag up his record when he should have been pleading forgiveness.

  • Speaking of the heady years he has been surfing the drug war, Biden stated, “We know we needed tough laws” and he added, “and we have tough laws. But that wasn’t enough.” Although he then outlines a larger approach emphasizing prevention, he never backtracks on the wisdom of “tough laws.” These are the laws that have made the USA the “incarceration nation,” by far the world’s great prison gulag. The idea that this might be a huge evil apparently never enters his head.

Joe, the USA needed none of these prohibitionist laws, especially the draconian excesses beginning, ironically, in 1984. These arbitrary and cruel laws have fueled a prison boom, filled and then overflowed these prisons. They have smashed countless lives and families. Just for cannabis, 20 millon arrests. All for nothing, the USA still has the highest rate of drug use. There is no relationship between national drug policy practices and drug use by its citizenry.

  • As far as American drug policy, Joe Biden has been the problem not the solution. Joe, get out of the way.