Chocolate, red wine, coffee and cannabis: good for you?

Daniel Lefferts for Bookish presents an intriguing look at popular foods and favors in 7 Vices that are actually good for you on the Huffington Post. He cites new books, each extolling health benefits of one of the 7 foods and substances claimed to be “bad.”

He begins with chocolate, citing a recent San Diego study that showed increased chocolate consumption correlated with slimmer physiques! Red wine also confers health benefits, especially from its resveratrol,  though Lefferts book choice, The Red Wind Diet, emphasizes procyanikins. These flavenols are also found in cocoa, berries and apples and contribute to blood vessel health. Coffee is for closers and also found to be healthful. Leffert also praises bread, fats and salt, in the right amounts.

The list of 7 good-for-you-vices concludes with cannabis, which he lists as being good for treatment of MS, migraines even cancer. The book cited is Understanding Marijuana: A New Look at the Scientific Evidence is by Mitch Earleywine, a top book on the subject.