2011: Another big year for idiotic war on some drugs

Seemingly, 2011 would have good year for the federal government to be engaged in increasing employment and securing the financial system from further meltdown. Unfortunately, the government did neither of these. Astoundingly, federal bureaucrats instead re-energized the idiotic and failed war on drugs, especially medical marijuana.

DEA jackboots raid a house.

DEA jackboots raid a house.

The year began dismally with a unanimous senate confirmation of Bush/Obama appointee Michele Leonhart to head the DEA.  Any hope for cannabis rescheduling, or even research, are dashed by her choke hold on medical marijuana as administrator of this bloated agency. During confirmation hearing her anti-medical cannabis ravings were praised by powerful senators, such as Senate Judiciary Leader Jeff (“I love the DEA”) Sessions, R-Alabama. The bureaucrat Leonhart is now empowered to essentially single-handedly determine US doctrine on medical marijuana, predictably hard-line. Schedule I classification of marijuana has been very, very good to the agency and to the bloated pensions of thousands of needless, useless federal employees. This erroneous Schedule I classification for cannabis is the cause of life-crushing harshness of twenty million arrests during this senseless and on-going war on marijuana.

One possible bright ray of hope came with legislation offered by the retiring Barney Frank and presidential hopeful Ron Paul. H.R. 2306 would have repealed federal penalties for production, distribution, and possession of cannabis for medical use. This one piece of freedom-promoting legislation was quick quashed by a single powerful representative, Lamar Smith R-Texas. He simply refused to give the legislation a hearing and the desperately needed legislation died on the spot, tyranny in action.

Encouraged by this drug war zealotry, freedom-harming initiatives sprouted from seemingly every branch of the federal government.

As George W. Bush would say, “they attack us because they hate our freedoms.” But the attackers in 2011 are our own taxpayer-supported federal bureaucrats. They attack fellow citizens benefiting medically from cannabis and the health care industry that was quickly growing, to protect and expand the rosy drug-warrior careers and pensions this failed war on Americans has provided these lordly bureaucrats.

Rescheduling cannabis and drastically downsizing the counterproductive war on drugs were easy steps that Barack Obama could have taken.  He could have chosen a leader, such as Norm Stamper, rather than a drug war crazed self-server to head the DEA. Instead, as in so many ways, he has chosen to play out George W. Bush’ third term. Far more Americans support ending cannabis prohibition than support Obama’s reelection.

Sigh, 2012 does not look much better. Unless maybe Ron Paul were elected president.

Who are the thought police? New law criminalizes Americans world-wide.

Eric Holder?

Incredibly, as America fights its way through an economic and political morass, one of the country’s most counterproductive and idiotic failures, the War on Drugs, is ramping up.

New congressional legislation would extend globally its icy grip by inflicting felonies on Americans any place on earth, if their behavior involves the spiritual, medical or recreational use of any drug illegal in the the USA. Or even if that behavior merely involved talking about the possibility of using drugs such as cannabis or psychoactive mushrooms. As reported by Radley Balko in The Huffington Post, “allows prosecutors to bring conspiracy charges against anyone who discusses, plans or advises someone else to engage in any activity that violates the Controlled Substance Act, the massive federal law that prohibits drugs like marijuana and strictly regulates prescription medication.”

The thought police in this case is Texas Representative Lamar Smith. Tragically, this big government conservative is head of the Judiciary Committee, perfectly placed for power to guide American drug policy further down into the dungeon. Had similar legislators been in place during the alcohol prohibition, it would have been a felony for Americans to drink wine in France. Or to have discussed drinking wine in France. The legislation will doubtless pass the “small government” House of Representative and quite possibly the Senate. Drug-war criminal Lamar Smith recently single-handedly crushed legislation by Ron Paul and Barney Frank that would have excepted medical cannabis from federal prosecution.

The founding fathers must be writhing in their graves, as the all powerful federal government lays total claim to the lives, minds and behaviors of Americans anywhere on the planet.